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Well, come in  . . .

to my little creepy crypt on the weird wide web.  Within this space fiendish fun can be found.  A brief glimpse into the wonderful world of Halloween & dark delights.  Cooked up in the lobotomized lab of my macabre mind, these random rants of delicious darkness shall serve as ‘paranormal portal’ to things that go bump in the night with the tomb that I call home: Orlando and beyond.

Over time, there will all kinds of stories, videos, rants, raves and anything else cool & creepy that manages to wander across my path. . .


Treehouse of Horror

DelTorro’s opening knocks it outta the park. Best one yet; hope the rest of the show is as good. (Every time I drool over watching this I see new monster references!).


What’s This?

I LOVE the Patrick Stewart narration on the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack (its not in the movie).  However something even more deliciously dark has emerged from the grave. . .


Listen and watch in macabre amazement as he narrates Burton’s ORIGINAL poem (along with some snazzy spirited animation):


Season’s Screamings!

So, the planned site update never happened.  Sorry for the delay (death in the family) and new interests have absconded my time. . .(new interest: photography – check out www.TheParanormalPaparazzi.com or look me up on flickr: Ghostlygavin)

With horrordays approaching at warp speed, I find that elusive concept of free time again evading capture.  Perhaps brief moments of (overrated) sanity will allow for a few spirited seasonal shares . . .


Stay Spooky!







Must have!



PRICEless POEtry

Been a fiendishly furious and fun festive few weeks! Preview of Halloween Horror Nights, Opening/Media night at Halloween Horror Nights, Howl-O-Scream,  Haunted Mansion Trick or Tweet-Up,  Zombietoberfest. . .and its only the first week of October!! (updates soon -Spooky Empire this weekend). . .For now, I offer a mad, macabre move of yesteryear – two masters at work: Vincent Price performing a selection of works by Edgar Allen Poe (I was thrilled to find the full fifty plus minute flick from the 1970s on Youtube!)

Bonus: Vincent Price performs “The Raven”



Enjoy (no pressure)

Paranormal Post Script:

Run, Float, Fly to Toys R Us for some freakishly fun figures of the Universal Classic Monster vein. . .The exclusive Bride of Frankenstein is to die for (also visit the Diamond Direct Toys site for an exclusive Frankenstein w/table figure -while there be sure to check out the Munsters as well!)










Finally, if that crypt is in need of some morbid music for this superb season, crawl along the weird wide web to Madame Elle’s Audio Works for a creepy collection of amazing audio!